Professional & Business DOCUMENT Writing

In life, there are many opportunities that require a solid, error-free written document. That's where I come in! I love to write and I’m really good at it (another pedestal moment)!

Two options that may interest you:

  1. Create a custom document for you.
     You provide the details and timeline, I provide the document with 2 revisions, as needed.

  2. Proofread and/or edit an existing document that you provide.

Here are the different types of documents that I can create and customize for you:

Resume and Cover Letter

Everyone needs a resume and/or cover letter at least once in their life! I have over 18 years experience writing and customizing these documents with the goal to highlight qualifications and skills that best fit the job you are applying for.

Resume = $149
Cover Letter = $75
Resume and/or cover letter review = $55 per document or $85 for both

Forms & Editable PDFs

Do you have a print form that you would like to make editable and accessible online? I can help!


I can create presentation slides and handouts for you. Do you know the 3:1 rule?

Quote/Invoice/Receipt Templates

When starting a new business, you need to ensure that you have the documents needed to bid for jobs, request payment and keep your sales organized. I can help create customized and branded documents to make you look professional when engaging with customers.

Business Plan

When applying for a business grant or loan, all lenders require a business plan. This is their first impression of you and your business! I encourage that you write down your thoughts and processes, but let me help you with the remaining content, formatting, and structure.

Basic 10 page max. business plan = $450
Business plan with financials = $700

Company Manuals

These documents are important when implementing policies and hiring new staff. I have created and modified manuals including onboarding packages, health and safety, AODA, fire inspection, and food safety to name a few.


Spreadsheets are an important part of any business. Popular forms include monthly sales and expenses reports, mileage forms, and cash flow/budget.

Contracts & Terms

When working with partners, other businesses and the general public, you need to protect yourself. Examples of important documents to have set-up include a partnership agreement, service agreements, privacy clauses, and terms of use statements.