YOUR BUSINESS' one-stop shop for administrative, organizational, STAFFING, and training needs!

We want to help you, and all other business owners, be productive and proactive during the start-up and operation of your business by providing key services to assist in your development and growth.


  • Customized Training – Do you want to learn or strengthen a skill (Excel, public speaking, bookkeeping, etc.)? OR do you want to train your staff on a specific skill or software?
    This our our specialty! We will create a customized program to fit your needs.
  • Professional Development Workshops – We create custom and client-focused workshops or choose from our list of specialty workshops.
  • Business Coaching – A coach can help you turn your dream into reality while providing structure and guidance as you start and run your business.

Our goal is to encourage continuous training and promote the positive results that having an educated and talented workforce provides for a business and each employee.

Virtual Assistant

  • Organizational Management Tools – We assist start-ups and small businesses with day-to-day tools and functions including form creation, bookkeeping and business planning.


  • Customized Hiring Support – We offer assistance when it’s time to grow your business by creating interview and onboarding packages, assisting with job creation and interviewing, and customizing assessments to identify key skills for new hires.
Note: Hiring the wrong person can cost your company up to three months of wages and six months of lost productivity. Take the time to hire the right person!


work smart | train smart opened in June 2014 and is excited to be growing as we continue into 2016! Our network has recently grown to include organizational strategists and human resources specialists to offer the expert advice and services that our customers expect.