As we change jobs, careers and lifestyles, there are always opportunities to learn new skills and strengthen existing ones.

There are three popular obstacles that prevent people from being the best version of themselves:

  1. A person does not know what skills they have or what their strengths include.
  2. A person was never properly trained to use a skill that has the potential to impact their life in a major way.
3. Fear.

Click here to see a list of upcoming events including workshops and accountability groups!

Click here to see a list of upcoming events including workshops and accountability groups!

If you are interested in assessing what skills you have, want to improve your current skills OR want to learn new skills, connect today! I offer two training styles:

  1. One-on-one, customized training & coaching
  2. Group (workshop/seminar) training


Our specialties include

Personality Dimensions

The first step to improving your skills is to actually evaluate the ones you have first. This assessment identifies your preferred communication style, personality strengths, your type of conflict resolution and alternative ways to resolve conflict with different personalities.

Offering PD in a group setting allows individuals to not only assess and understand their own personality traits and how they communicate with other people, but it also allows them to learn more about their peers and managers.

This workshop helps to improve communication between team members and management, as well as provides strategies for conflict resolution.

SMART Planning / Goal Setting

Whether you have a goal to open a business, advance in your career, lose weight, or save money for an upcoming vacation, goal setting is important. It is a very under-rated skill to have that we actually use every day of our lives. If we do not plan how we will achieve our goal(s), we have a 50% higher rate of failure.

Our SMART planning holds you accountable and improves your goal success. Handouts are provided for you to work on throughout the period of attaining your goal and a business coach is available to assist you with questions and motivation along the way.

Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

Public speaking is the number one fear among humans - this is above inspects and spiders, being buried alive, and even dying. Yet, we speak and communicate every day.

This training will assist you regardless of whether you want to improve speaking in front of a group, communicating with colleagues and/or management, networking, sales meetings, or even when speaking with an interviewer.

Popular topics include different communication styles, popular fears when presenting and ways to overcome fears so that you not only strengthen your presenting skills, but become a confident speaker as well.

Additional Training

In addition to the above, work smart | train smart has created and facilitated professional development workshops on customer service strategies; business development; financial management; company culture and job fit; as well as, computer programs including Microsoft Office, accounting programs and social media.

1:1 Coaching

Training comes in different forms. Sometimes, it is more effective when in groups and other times, it is more effective when working one-on-one. Any of the training mentioned above can be customized into one-on-one sessions just for you!

For more coaching options, learn about working with a SMART Coach.