A SMART coach helps you beyond the One&Done. 

A SMART coach will work with you to plan and execute a new project, overcome a challenge, assess and improve a situation, or simply hold you accountable for running your business the way you want to. Whatever the project or task, a SMART coach will be dedicated to you and help set a productive path to achieve your desired results.

Examples of how a SMART Coach can work with you:


When you order an item or service through One&Done, it's simply that you order it, pay for it and own it.

When you work with a SMART Coach, these items may be included as part of the package, but a SMART Coach will work with you to ensure its effectiveness and show you how to modify the tools/resources for your needs - now and as your business grows.

  • Start-Up - This coach can assist you with starting a business and taking an idea from the brainstorming phase to the implementation and operational phase. Additional assistance may include setting up your books and business documents, writing a business plan, helping with scheduling and organization, or discussing an effective marketing strategy.
  • Accountability - May be hired to help new business owners stay on track or assess the current operations of an existing business to identify strong operational actions or areas that need improvement. Most business owners hire this coach because there is a lag in sales or poor employee retention.
  • Project Management - All business owners have goals in mind. Not all of them know how to reach them or where to get started. A PM coach can assist with the steps, resources, timeline, and budget needed to meet this goal and help you stay on target. This coach can be hired to help with implementing a new hiring/onboarding process, introducing a new process or system to staff, creating a marketing plan, or to manage growth.
  • Organization & Administration - We all need a little help getting organized! Many businesses will hire this coach to help set-up an effective and productive organizational system that includes filing, bookkeeping, invoicing, and scheduling methods that fit the business and the owner. Existing business owners may hire this coach to help evaluate their current system and discuss ways for improvement or update their existing system (change over from paper to electronic files and bookkeeping).
  • Communications - Assists with helping businesses and staff communicate effectively via in-person and online interactions. Popular requests include writing and/or editing online content for web sites and social media, helping businesses identify their target market, create strong marketing strategies that fit their audience and the business' budget, and assisting owners with positive and motivating strategies when communicating with staff. 
  • Public Speaking - This coach can assist you in preparing for, and taking advantage of, all the amazing networking and promotional opportunities that exist. They can help individuals looking for assistance with writing and practicing an 'elevator pitch', questions and behavioural tactics to use during networking events, as well as presenting to lenders or client groups. Additional options include assistance with creating presentations that meet your audience's needs and your personality, providing presenter's tools and resources, and effective body language practices.
  • Leadership - The purpose of this coach is to assist business owners with understanding the impact that clear communication, team management, effective delegation, and continuous skill development has on productive behaviours. This coach can work with an owner or staff to implement actionable strategies to improve production, team and management relationships, as well as encourage owners to lead by example.
  • Staffing - This coach can help business owners with hiring their first (or subsequent) employee. They can work with the business owner to determine hiring needs, write job postings, create service or subcontractor agreements, as well as assist in creating and implementing a screening and/or assessment system. Additional requests include participating in the interview process, creating an onboarding/new hire package, and training new staff.
  • Technology/Software - This coach can evaluate the current technologies that a business is using and provide guidance and hands-on training to assist business owners in using hardware and software efficiently to complete business tasks. Popular requests include creating and using Word templates, using formulas and charts in Excel, creating effective presentations, organizing content and learning about email and calendar tools, as well as creating, using and scheduling social media content.


Let us know what kind of SMART Coach you are interested in working with and some brief points about your needs. We look forward to working with you!

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