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work smart | train smart is offering three (3) accountability group sessions in 2019:

  1. Week of January 21 - February 25

  2. Week of April 8 - May 13

  3. Week of September 16 - October 21

These group sessions are for motivated business owners focused on growing their business.

For more details, visit the Upcoming Events page.


Are you hiring your first staff member and need some assistance? This package is for you!

The Business Starter Package includes

  • Create write-up for one (1) employment position

  • Post position on five (5) online job boards/platforms

  • Create one (1) set of interview questions and anticipated answers
    (up to 10 questions) based on identified hiring requirements/eligibility

  • Customize one (1) assessment (to be used for a maximum of 5 applicants)

Optional (New Clients - Choose one (1) to add to package):

  • Set-up interview schedule and candidate pre-screening

  • Assist with resume review and candidate selection

  • Assist with candidate selection and hiring notification

  • Create five (5) additional interview questions and anticipated answers

Cost: $499 (HST included)