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International Women’s Day 2019


Friday, March 8th is International Women’s Day! In celebration of the amazing women in our communities, we want to offer all women-led/women-owned businesses the opportunity to participate in a women-only, woman-led six-week Accountability Group starting Tuesday, April 9th.

What are Accountability Groups?

Starting and running a business can be challenging! One of the hardest steps to learn and continuously implement is being accountable to grow your business.

Accountability groups help start-up and experienced business owners alike learn and understand the importance of creating achievable and realistic goals with a network of like-minded individuals and a business coach to support and motivate you over a six-week term.

Specifically, the goal is to help you:

  1. learn how to create effective and attainable goals to grow a sustainable business AND

  2. implement a plan to successfully complete each goal AND

  3. be accountable to the business' strategic growth plan.

Additionally, this is a great introduction to working with a business coach.

Session details:

  • Every Tuesday for six weeks: Tuesday, April 9th to Tuesday, May 14th

  • Five (5) spots available

  • Each session runs from 5:30-7:30pm

  • $199 (+HST) per person

To confirm your spot, you will be asked to complete a one-page form to learn more about your business, identify your needs and ensure fit for the group. Additionally, payment in full is required to finalize your registration.

Interested in learning more about Accountability Groups? Click here or email Jodi at


Are you hiring your first staff member and need some assistance? This package is for you!

The Business Starter Package includes

  • Create write-up for one (1) employment position

  • Post position on five (5) online job boards/platforms

  • Create one (1) set of interview questions and anticipated answers
    (up to 10 questions) based on identified hiring requirements/eligibility

  • Customize one (1) assessment (to be used for a maximum of 5 applicants)

Optional (New Clients - Choose one (1) to add to package):

  • Set-up interview schedule and candidate pre-screening

  • Assist with resume review and candidate selection

  • Assist with candidate selection and hiring notification

  • Create five (5) additional interview questions and anticipated answers

Cost: $499 (HST included)