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Hi - my name is Jodi and I started work smart | train smart in May 2014 with the objective to offer effective training solutions to help business owners and staff work productively, improve retention and create opportunities for growth.

As the business has grown, so has my network and the services offered. I have over 20 years of specialized skills that I have continuously used and strengthened through employment and self-employment ventures. Skills that I want to offer to you.

work smart | train smart brings together my passion to help people and expertise in business coaching, custom training, hiring practices, and administration.
Plus, I am passionate about writing (poor grammar and style is my kryptonite) and technology. My business gives me the opportunity to do things I enjoy and meet new people along the way.

Are you interested in learning more about how I can work with your business? Let's have a coffee and find out - contact me today!

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