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work smart | train smart offers customized training solutions to encourage and reinforce the importance of continuously educating yourself and your staff on new principles, methods and trends in your industry.

As a business owner, you understand the importance of a skilled workforce. The more skilled and capable you and your staff are directly results in higher productivity and profitability.

Realistically, you're busy running a business, and you can't always expect your staff to pick it up on their own or take their personal time to learn new skills without positive reinforcement or recognition. 

We're here to offer a solution - one that encourages continuous training and respects your time and your budget!

The Short Version:

  • You choose the timeline.
  • We customize the content based on your business' needs.
  • We offer training on or off-site.
  • Optional: We evaluate skills after training to ensure application.
  • Optional: You receive an overview of each team member's performance during training.

What can work smart | train smart do for you?

Let us create a customized training seminar or program that targets the skills you want to learn or improve, as well as have an immediate impact on your productivity.

Additionally, we can create a customized training program for your staff too!

Whether you're upgrading your software or offering a new product/service line, it is extremely important that your staff is provided with targeted training that focuses on the needs of your business and how each person fits into those needs.

For example, you have recently installed Sales Force on your system. It comes with a manual but it's over 1,000 pages to go through. You only want your sales staff to learn how to input contact details, enter related sales data, and print reports at the end of each period. In addition, you don't want your staff to spend a lot of time trying to learn it by themselves, nor do you want missing data or errors in sales stats when that end-of-period report comes due.

So, what we do is talk to you, review your needs and create a customized program to teach your team what they need to know within a timeline that fits your business.

That's it! We help to ensure that you and your team are trained properly, so that your business is more productive. By investing in targeted training, you can improve day-to-day and long-term productivity, as well as improve staff retention.

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