work smart | train smart has been privileged to work with many amazing individuals and businesses. Here are a few stories about how we worked with business owners and the services we provided:

We hired work smart | train smart in November 2015 to assist with the start-up of a bookkeeping business with two partners. Before meeting with them, my partner and I were overwhelmed because we didn't know where to start. With their assistance, we were able to clearly identify our direct competitors, our competitive advantage, decide on an appropriate pricing strategy, create a partnership agreement and sales contract, as well as discuss and start marketing with a very limited budget.
We worked with them for 2 months and felt the pressure and stress go away with each visit. ~ Mary B. & Shawna H. (bookkeeping company)

After running a successful business for over three years, my sales started to decrease without understanding why. I racked by brain looking over the numbers again and again, calling customers, offering deals, and even changing my pricing. Nothing worked. I met Jodi from work smart | train smart at a networking event and she offered to have a coffee and talk about my business. After one hour, we were talking about how I had never done any marketing before. All my business was word of mouth. So, we worked on some marketing. She gave me options based on my budget and helped me set-up and learn how to use social media. I spent $150 in one month on marketing which turned into 10 new customers and $2,600 in new sales.
~ Mark M. (plumber)

I hired Jodi from work smart | train smart to create two presentations: effective customer service and adapting to a changing workplace. She was able to create the presentations, handouts and activities, as well as present within a two week period. During her presentations, she was professional, knowledgeable and interactive with the clients. ~ Amber C. (employment agency)

I started a consulting business four years ago and in January 2016 I decided to hire my first employee. After posting the job online and going through a few interviews, I became frustrated that the experience and skills that I was looking for in an employee was lacking.
I met Jodi through a Business2Business trade show and after meeting to discuss my needs, we re-evaluated the job posting and interview process. It amazed me that by changing a few words on the posting and adding some specific skills that I didn't think were important to include the first round, the type of candidates applying had changed drastically. Within one week, I had four strong candidates to interview. Jodi participated in the interview process and was a great sounding board to discuss pros and cons after each interview. I was so impressed by the new results and knowledge that Jodi brought, I hired her on to help me with the official hire, contract and technical training for the new hire and me! It was a great experience and I tell people about work smart | train smart all the time. ~ Rachael V. (financial management and consulting)