Hi! My name is Jodi and I am a Business Coach who focuses on SMART action planning and accountability.

My goal is to work with you to identify, start and complete one or a series of goals, projects or tasks important to your business growth.

Simply put - I will hold you accountable for getting things done, meeting your deadlines and achieving the sales and growth goals you set for yourself.

First, we work together to identify YOUR goal setting strategy (including identifying specific goals, tasks and milestones that you want to achieve based on a specific timeline); then, we discuss methods for you to create achievable and realistic goals.
Next, we implement a plan and outline the tasks and resources necessary to reach your goals, as well as identify a goal-setting system to use weekly, monthly and through the duration of 2019.

Once one goal is achieved, we work on creating new goals and a new plan of action. Additionally, we will discuss a proper benchmarking system to follow as your business continues to grow.

Be organized! Be ambitious! Your future self will thank you!!

We can chat online, via phone or in-person.

My first step is to meet and see if we fit - let’s chat over coffee, tea or an amazing latte!

Connect with me below, via Facebook @worksmarttrainsmart or email at

Not sure if a business coach is right for you? Consider joining an upcoming Accountability Group.

The next Accountability Group will start the week of April 8th, 2019.

These group sessions are for motivated business owners focused on growing their business.

The goal is to help you understand how to create achievable and realistic goals, implement a plan and tasks to reach your outlined goals, as well as provide coaching and accountability assistance to help you create a custom system to continue using beyond the six weeks.

For more details and options, click here >>> Accountability Groups

Examples of how I can work with you:

  • Start-Up - Assist you with starting a business and taking an idea from the brainstorming phase to the implementation and operational phase. Additional assistance may include setting up your books and business documents, writing a business plan, helping with scheduling and organization, or discussing an effective marketing strategy.

  • Organization & Administration - We all need a little help getting organized! Many businesses have hired me to help set-up an effective and productive organizational system that includes filing, bookkeeping, invoicing, and scheduling methods that fit the business and the owner. I have also helped existing business owners evaluate their current bookkeeping system and discuss ways for improvement or options to update their existing system (change over from paper to electronic files and bookkeeping).

  • Content - Assist with helping businesses communicate effectively via in-person and online interactions. Popular requests include writing and/or editing online content for web sites and social media, helping businesses identify their target market, and creating strong marketing strategies that fit their audience and the business' budget.

  • Public Speaking - Assist owners in preparing for, and taking advantage of, all the amazing networking and promotional opportunities that exist. Specifically, I have helped individuals looking for assistance with writing and practicing an 'elevator pitch', questions and behavioural tactics to use during networking events, as well as creating presentations that matches the audience's needs and the owner’s personality, providing presenter's tools and resources, and discussing effective body language practices.

  • Staffing - Assist with hiring your first (or subsequent) employee such as determining hiring needs, writing job postings, creating service or subcontractor agreements, as well as assisting in creating and implementing a screening and/or assessment system. Additional requests include participating in the interview process, creating an onboarding/new hire package, and training new staff.

  • Technology/Software - Technology is constantly changing! I can provide guidance and hands-on training to assist you in using hardware and software efficiently to complete business tasks. Popular requests include creating and using Word templates, using formulas and charts in Excel, setting up and using an accounting program, creating effective presentations, organizing content and learning about email and calendar tools, as well as creating, using and scheduling social media content.