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A business coach is someone who can help you through the process of starting and running your own business. They can assist you with the different steps needed to start a business and help you overcome challenges as your business encounters them. Most importantly, a coach will provide structure and guidance for you, as a new business owner.

The relationship that you have with a business coach is up to you. Whether you want to meet in-person weekly or monthly, or if you just want them on an as-needed consultation basis.

coaching packages

NEW BUSINESS OWNER: We recommend that you meet weekly with a business coach for a minimum of three months (12 sessions).

$30.00 (HST included) per hour
$300.00 (3 months paid in full - works out to two free meetings!) - HST included


INDEPENDENT CONSULTATIONS: If you want to meet with a business coach once to discuss specific topics or challenges, we offer in-person or virtual meetings.

In-Person: $35.00 (HST included) per hour
Virtual: $25.00 (HST included) per hour


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